Sunday, 2 December 2012

Prototype Peruvian Fusilier.

Some one was kind enough to post up an OOB for the Battle of Ayacucho over on the Liberators! forum & usefully included details on the uniforms of the various participants including the titular Peruvians. Up to now the only pictorial reference material I've had at hand has been the venerable Osprey title and whilst its a useful volume its hardly what you'd call in depth. There is a description of Peruvian uniforms but this seems to be for the earlier years of the wars so not relevent to the later campaigns that I'm interested in. So this is where the brief descriptions in the aforementioned OOB comes in; the author notes that the Peruvian infantry at Ayacucho wore French style shakos & had six rows of braid on their jackets similar to Napoleonic British patterns.
The resulting mash up of Victrix plastics has yielded this fine chap:

As ever I'm sure there are a few fine points of detail that aren't entirely accurate, but it does allow me to use up more plastic figures thus keeping the project budget down.

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