Sunday, 24 January 2016

Infantry Regiment No.2 Erzherzog.

This week has been spent tidying up a few loose ends painting wise. Latest recipients of this benefice are the Crusader Miniatures Hungarian Fusiliers who have been languishing in a box since 2013:

They should have sabretaches, but I couldn't bring myself to undertake such a fiddly task, lets assume they were left in the depot.
I intend to push on with the Seven Years War project throughout 2016, nearly there with the Austrian Army just need a few more dragoons & a battery of artillery; my Prussian force is a little less complete requiring infantry, cavalry & artillery. I have plenty of Freikorps ( having become a bit obsessed with 'Green' Kleist) but the prussian regulars are a bit thin on the ground as yet.
Other than that I don't have too much planned for 2016. I'd like to complete my Lion Rampant Isleman force which will probably happen in March after our annual visit to Alumwell Wargames Show where hopefully Claymore Castings will be present with their Medieval range. There is still some way to go with my Republican Roman army, but I have lost enthusiasm for that for the time being. I think the chief reason for that is choosing to go down the plastics route for this project; they are very time consuming, not only is there the clean up & assembly time but the sheer amount of fine detail that has to be painted, strange to say but they are almost too detailed for wargaming figures.
On a somewhat larger scale I've started work on another couple of longbows having been fortunate enough to source some nice straight grained yew. The bow I completed last year continues to function nicely, so hopefully applying the same manufacturing techniques should be equally successful. I'm going for a slightly heavier draw weight this time ( approx 60-70lbs) so this may expose flaws in my bowyering skills. More on this as it happens.