Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Seasonal Wargame. A South American Battle.

A belated Merry Xmas.
After the bacchanalian orgy that formed the cornerstone of my festive season despite all my best intentions normal service has been resumed here at HGA Towers. Being as both Mr. Ireland and myself are under employed because of construction industry shutdown between Christmas & New Year this is when we usually get to physically war-game rather than just talk about it wistfully. So in respect of this yearly tradition we will be getting together on 30th instant to play a small South American War of Liberation battle using Regimental Fire & Fury rules.

The battlefield will be set up on an 8'x4' table roughly as follows:

Notable geographical features include two large but low hills on the Spanish baseline, two small but fast flowing water courses running roughly parallel across the battlefield & a small ruined farm on the patriot baseline.
The entirely fictional scenario will have the Spanish defending the pass between two hills against a slightly larger Patriot force, these will consist:

Spanish/ Royalist.

1st Division.
Burgos Regt 1 stand grenadiers, 4 of fusiliers & 2 of lights.
Talavera Regt 1G, 4F, 1L
Husares del Concordia 3 Squadrons

2nd Division
Cantabria Regt 1G, 4F, 1L
Aragon Regt 1G, 3F, 1L
Dragones del Peru 2 Squadrons

Cavalry Reserve
Husares de Fernando VII 3 Squadrons

1 Medium Artillery piece.


Gran Colombian Division.
Bogota Infantry Battalion 1G, 4F, 1L
Caracas Infantry Battalion 1G, 3F, 1L
Santander Infantry Battalion 1G, 4F, 1L

Peruvian Division.
Peruvian Legion 1G, 4F, 1L
1st Battalion 4F, 1L

Cavalry Division.
Husares de Junin (Lancers) 4 Squadrons
Venezuelan Husares Los Colorados 2 Squadrons
Dragones de Colombia 2 Squadrons

1 Light Artillery piece.

Frankly I've no idea how this will play out with regard to balance etc, we'll just pull the trigger & see what happens.
Hopefully if there's time later I'll take a few pictures of the various commands as a further taste of things to come.

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