Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Mixed Bag.

After last weeks sterling progress painting the rank & file this week has mainly been concerned with the  better class of Roman.

Signifer & Cornicen for a unit of Triarii.
A&A Miniatures Samnite. Officer for the allied legion.
The obligatory pachyderm, with hastati & triarii crew members.
All in all things progressing well with this project. There is another unit of heavy infantry in paint as we speak & another still in the raw. When these are done with their attendant velites I will have a viable force with which to fight a war-game ( hooray!). Just the small matter of purchasing some cavalry, though as a stop gap I could use the ubiquitous Tarentines from my Successor collection.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Romans! Dozens of 'em.

The headcount of hastati/princeps is now up to sixty:

Add to this the thirty odd velites also finished & there is the makings of a viable army to game with. Obviously I still need to organise some cavalry to augment this vast host but in the meantime this pachyderm will have to stand in:

I was going to replace the hoplon on the side of the tower with a scutum, but figured that the latter might be a bit of a handful in such close confines.
Once this little side project is completed its back to the legions again, this time with fetching powder blue scuta.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Republican Romans.

After a longer than expected hiatus from what was supposed to be this years main project I have taken up again where I left off & finally finished a fourth maniple of hastati/princeps.

In addition I have managed to complete another ten velites, which is somewhat of a record given my usual slow painting speed.

One thing about painting all these light troops, you do realise what a large proportion of each legion they represented. Just the thing for tenderising a nice juicy phalanx before the heavies piled in.