Sunday, 16 December 2012

Colonel William Miller. Peruvian General.

I don't know whether it was too much strong drink or the fever accompanying a winter cold I have at the moment but last night I went mad and attempted a couple of more ambitious conversion attempts.
It started off simply enough, I needed another Royalist command base & to this end I knocked up this dismounted Fernando VII hussar:

He consists of the torso of a Perry French hussar with repositioned right arm, a Victrix British infantry head & the lower half of a Perry British infantry officer. The intent is to have him reporting to a couple of senior officers straight from action, hence the bandage & drawn sabre.
So far so good, nothing vaguely remarkable here.
As the night progressed I was looking at the top half of the unfortunate British officer whose legs are now trapped out in fetching canary yellow & started wondering what possible use I could make of him; the Perry sets only having limited command figures I wanted to extract maximum useage from them. What my fevered ( intoxicated) mind came up with was this:

All of the parts came from Perry miniatures sets, Horse & riders legs from the French Hussars set and riders torso, head & arms from the British infantry command sprue. I had to remove the blanket roll from the back of the saddle to accommodate the tails of the jacket, which also had to be thinned down to fit over the riders buttocks. All in all though remarkably little work to achieve a reasonable facsimile of Colonel William Miller, commander of the Peruvian Legion. As always there may be a few liberties taken; I can't tell from the single picture I have of him whether the jacket should have long tails or not, obscured as they are by his fetching poncho. He perhaps should have different horse furniture as well, but this is what I had to hand so in my usual pragmatic style it got used.

Making further use of my recently acquired Perry boxed set I've added another company of Peruvian infantry to the collection:

Up to now I've been using some left over Victrix British infantry for Peruvians, but having now tried out the Perry Miniatures version of the same won't be going back for the simple reason that the arms fit to the torsos a lot better. Some of the Victrix body & arm combinations are a little awkward to fit together convincingly, whereas the Perry figures don't suffer from this problem.


  1. I think these look great well done!

  2. I particularly like the chap on foot. That's a great pose! Simon

  3. Many thanks Gentlemen. Keep an eye open for the next post Simon, the chap on foot will feature quite prominently.
    Best Regards HGA.

  4. Looking good, HGA. Love the period you're working on. Best, Dean

    1. Many thanks Dean, I've regained an enthusiasm for this period after a short hiatus. Don't know how long it will last though.
      Regards HGA.

  5. Very nice figures. This has got moving towards starting my own 28mm Patriot Army. Looking forward to more Pictures.
    P.S. Glad you liked the Ayacucho OOB I posted on the Yahoo Group.