Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Austrian Grenzers.

Good Evening All, apologies for the late interruption of service but its been an odd couple of weeks here in Blighty. Firstly we've been experiencing actual summer weather for the first time in 7 years & work has been phenomenally busy. One of these two conditions wouldn't ordinarily be a jibbing off painting excuse but a combination of 30 degree C temperatures & a very physical outdoors job really is knackering and as a consequence drinking cold beer & reading light fiction has tended to be my sole evening activity of late.
Despite these arduous conditions I have pressed manfully( & slowly) on with the Seven Years War project & have updated a few Crusader Miniatures Grenzers that I originally started a few years back.

Ottochaner Grenzer

Lykaner Grenzer
If memory serves different sources note the Ottochaner Grenzer in light blue, red or white trousers. I don't remember why I went for the white option but on reflection it does rather look like they're running round in their linens.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Back to the Seven Years War.

After an enjoyable interlude painting Orinoco Miniatures its time to wade back into the lead mountain awaiting enrolment into Frederick the Great's army.
The next unit on the list is IR41, my first crack at a fusilier regiment.

Another Foundry Miniature sculpted by Mark Copplestone if memory serves. More of these to come soon & then its on to Hungarian infantry for a change of pace.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Final Half Dozen Orinoco Miniatures

It was far too hot to be out chainsawing yesterday afternoon, so after an early morning ( 6am) start doing just that I retired to the cool confines of our kitchen to paint miniatures instead. Here is the result:

These figures are from the firing & loading pack & barring the command pack have been the most enjoyable to paint out of the four. This may be because of the variety of poses or just simply that they represent another small project completed & ready to game with.
Next up will be more SYW Prussians but South America will be re-visited once Orinoco have their Spanish in Brin uniforms available.

Monday, 1 July 2013

More Cacadores Britanicos.

Yet another week has passed where my responsibilities as an employer have encroached into time which ought to be spent recharging the batteries. I did however pull a late-nighter Saturday and finished off some more Orinoco Miniatures British. I now have four full bases finished for Fire & Fury.

In the interests of comparison here is a photo of a base of Orinoco Miniatures with a base each of Victrix & Perry Miniatures flanking them to give an impression of relative height & build.

The Peruvians ( blue uniforms) are Perry with Victrix heads; whilst the Gran Colombians ( red uniforms, yellow facings are pedigree Victrix, these if anything are a gnats too-dah taller than the others  but overall they all mix together very nicely.