Monday, 25 February 2013

'Asian' Cavalry for the Lamian War.

Progress has slowed a little on the Lamian War project mainly due to an increased work load cutting into painting time, so whilst toiling away I have been considering how to fill in the holes in the Macedonian Army for this campaign without spending any money.
The latter stages of the Lamian War featured not only Antipater's army based on home territory but also a further two forces from Asia Minor led respectively by Leonnatos & Krateros whose armies mustered between them around 3,000 cavalry including 'some Macedonians' ( AMPW pg.15). This comment has led to a lot of thinking on my part as to what the other contingents of cavalry were and the only conclusion I can come to is that they were former subjects of the Persian Empire serving under their new masters.
In pursuance of this train of thought the following are going to be pressed into service:

These are Vendel Miniatures armoured & fully armoured cavalry which have previously been used to represent Eumenes' Agema at Gabiene. I regret not buying more of this range whilst they were still available as many of them would have proved useful as auxiliaries in the successor armies.

Sunday, 17 February 2013


The first unit of re-purposed hoplites & thureophoroi is now complete:

The next unit of twelve is lined up ready for painting on the workbench & then its on to some asiatic light infantry for the Macedonian Army, here is a taster:

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lamian War Peltasts.

Following on from the recently completed Hoplite phalanx I've started to tackle some of the lighter troops for the Greek army. I've been struggling a bit to find suitable figures to augment the Foundry peltasts I already own, up to now I've been able to find most of the Hellenistic troop types from Polemarch, Crusader Miniatures & the ubiquitous Foundry but suitable peltasts seem a little scarce. So a quick trawl through the spares box & various other dusty caches of miniatures turned up this lot:

Foundry World of the Greeks un-armoured Hoplites.

And some of these:

Polemarch Thureophoroi.
There are also a dozen or so Crusader Thureophoroi lurking around somewhere. The upshot of this trawl round and a little work adding some spare peltas & voila some fairly tidy peltasts, albeit with fancier than normal headgear.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Another Phalanx Completed.

Well not quite, I've missed to paint a few rear rank spears which will be rectified later on. I was fairly ripping along with this phalanx when I started but have lost momentum in the last week or so as things have finally begun to pick up at work.

As previously noted these are Victrix plastics which at £22 for 48 figures are good value for money, despite the somewhat odd mix of headgear in the Mercenary boxed set.
Only another 30 to go & thats the heavy infantry done for the Lamian War game planned for later this spring.