Monday, 25 November 2013

Hungarian Infantry 'Erzherzog'.

Another tidying up of loose ends well underway as I begin to wind down the SYW project. This time a few more Hungarian Fusiliers from Crusader Miniatures.

Once their six colleagues are painted I will have reduced the Austrian lead mountain to zero, though its place will no doubt be taken by other purchases before too long.
Hopefully the SYW will feature in an actual wargame over the festive season, but this will be subject to negotiation with Mr. Ireland who may want to break out his AWI collection for winter manoeuvres. All being well we could manage both ( & maybe an Ancients game as well) but a lot will depend on individual family commitments intervening.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

More Freikorps Le Noble.

Still pushing on quietly with the SYW project, I'm determined to persevere with this and get to a stage where we can actually put a game together. That point isn't actually too far away, if I can get this Freikorp unit finished & then paint up some Artillery for both sides I'm there. It would be nice to expand the cavalry arms of both armies but there are too many other projects that I would also like to spend time on; number one on the list are more excellent Orinoco Miniatures South American Wars of Liberation stuff. I've not spent much time on this project in 2013 & I want to tie up some loose ends before the year turns.

Anyway, back to the moment here are a few more sweepings from Europe's gutters:

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Freikorps Le Noble.

This is the first painting I've managed since getting back from holiday, a combination of work & a rotten cold having conspired against much in the way of artistic output.

I really have got to stop collecting Prussian exotica & get down to painting some more commonplace units like dragoons & line infantry or I could just go with the flow & field a Prussian army consisting mainly of Freikorp with the few line infantry units I have as a stiffener. It would certainly be a change from the stereotypical dark blue automata that seem to be the norm.