Saturday, 31 January 2015

We are Legion.

Finally got near enough a full allied legion to make a group photo worth while:

There are still a few more velites to add so their numbers match those of the hastatii & princeps. The triarii are a little over represented because only having 6 or 7 of them would have looked a bit daft. In the fullness of time I may double the size of all the units but for now I just want to put together a viable army.
To this end I have purchased a box each of the chain mail & square pectoral armoured romans from Victrix, these will form the basis of the next post.

Sunday, 11 January 2015


A few more of the excellent Victrix plastics completed, the old lads of the legion this time:

Most of the depictions I've seen of Triarii show them kneeling with their shields leaning against the left knee, but there aren't kneeling figures in the box so that goes by the by. Anyway, if their knees are anything like mine after years of contact with wet ground I can only begin to imagine how much grumbling this would involve.