Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Opposing sides for the Thirtieth.

Here they are as promised:

Spanish 1st Division.

Spanish 2nd Division.

Spanish Reserve & additional command.

Gran Colombian Division.

Peruvian Division.

Patriot Cavalry Division.

Patriot Command.
Theres a few bits and pieces to finish off before Sunday but the above should, I hope, give a flavour of whats in store.


  1. Great looking figures! Command stabds are amazing!

  2. Wow, great work. Love the colours on the uniforms.

  3. Very nice looking forces, HGA. Been following this for sometime. What rules are you going to use? Best, Dean

  4. Many thanks Gentlemen, its been a long road to get to this point & your comments are much appreciated.
    Dean, we are going to use a variant of the Fire & Fury ruleset as we're both familiar with it.

    Best Regards HGA.

  5. HGA: Thanks - familiar is always good. Looking forward to an AAR and battle pics. Best, Dean