Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spares box garrison project.

No, not an early seventies garage band in the style of Iggy & the Stooges but something much cooler.
Those of you with long memories may remember some pictures last year of the Tabletop World watch tower that was an ongoing project, well after 2 months painting hellenistic stuff a change of scenery was due so the watchtower is now being finished off. To complement such a great model I've started to knock up a few lowlifes to populate it.

These malcontents have been put together from various Games Workshop bits and pieces from their Empire plastics, painted with Vallejo Model Colour and varnished with Winsor & Newton Galleria matt varnish.
The barrels and cart in the foreground come with the Tabletop World kit along with interior furnishings and other ramage; the pavises are Kingmaker items with LBMS transfers, which despite my oft repeated misgivings seem to be holding up and not cracking or discolouring at all. Despite this they will not be sullying any successor shields- these will continue to be hand painted at great cost to ones failing eyesight and patience.
More to follow as recruiting progresses.