Sunday, 28 October 2012

Liberators! More New Stuff.

This last few weeks I've been busy bulking out my Liberators! armies, though busy may be somewhat of an overstatement. What I actually mean is that some of my limited spare time has been taken up painting miniatures when not cooking, eating, nagging Mrs. Handgrenadealien & sleeping.

Here they are:

A cavalry Brigadier for the Royalists. I've put him in the uniform of Fernando VII Hussars & given him  a Cravat standard to carry.

Not entirely sure the cravat standard was ever issued to the infantry units operating in South America but it kind of works with the miniature, just the thing to throw into the enemy ranks to encourage the troops forward.
Peruvian Legion infantry battalion complete with grenadier & light companies.

The finished Patriot Santander Regt. in all their scarlet glory.

Theres a bit more to come on the Liberators front, I've enough Victrix figures left to do another Royalist  battalion ( probably the Aragon), a couple more artillery pieces and the Cacadores Britanicos for the Patriots. After that its onto another project, I've still 60 odd hoplites to finish off for the Achaean League army that will hopefully see action over the Christmas period & then I've a pair of 54 or 70mm fantasy figures to do for a friends wedding cake, no pressure there eh!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Peruvian Legion Command.

Just finished these up whilst dinner is in the oven. There are one or two details which are pure speculation on my part but I don't think they are too far off the mark. I've consulted Col. Wm Millers biography for a basic description & then filled in the blanks myself.

Built using the ubiquitous Victrix figures; the officer & drummer use British bodies & French heads, the ensign & hatless fusilero are pure French, packs in this case are British.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Casualty Markers.

Before I go any further with this entry into the blog I wish to make it perfectly clear that I won't take any credit whatsoever for the following idea, it only came about by the generous dissemination of information & raw materials by Messrs Johnson & Ireland the two other members of Shropshire's smallest wargaming club.

The following sequence of photographs demonstrates how a fairly horrible plastic pre-paint miniature & its accompanying base can be turned into a useful tool for the table top.

Wizkids Heroclix base. Original figure excluded for crimes against painting.

Exploded view of base & internal dial.

The textured base after talus is applied & base-coated, the decal on the dial comes off easily after quick blast of steam from the electric kettle.

The dial showing two of the twelve possible positions available.

Obviously with the current project being Liberators I've chosen to represent an appropriate casualty on the base. The numbers shown really don't tell very much, at present they're just an exercise in marking out the available dial slots ( hence the small dot above each number), but with twelve slots there is some fair scope for presenting casualty/ morale information as dictated by various rulesets.

There ought to be a few more Liberators miniatures finished later this week, but due to work proving a constant distraction progress is glacial to say the least.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Brief Return to South America.

My friend the estimable Mr. Johnson was kind enough to donate a few sprues of Victrix plastics to the Liberators project this last weekend. Coming at a time when I was beginning to tire of painting hoplites this has given me a kick up the jacksey to finish up a few incomplete units for both Patriot & Royalist armies.
First of these is the Grenadier company for the Patriot Santander Regiment.

These worthies were created using British centre companies bodies ( with braid carved off) & arms with French heads. Packs to be added tomorrow.