Thursday, 20 December 2012

Liberators! Royalist Command Base.

As promised earlier this weekI have completed another Spanish command base featuring the part finished Fernando VII hussar featured earlier this week.

 Turned out a little differently to how I originally had it imagined, the hussar looks rather keener on murdering his two bickering superiors than reporting to them. Note also the allegorical road to ruin represented by the cobbled area, some of that art history must have crept in un-noticed all those years ago.
In other news I finally managed to score a copy of Bar Kochva's work on the Seleucid army. Cambridge University press had put it back in print at around £ 70 which was a little harsh for my tastes, but I found one at an online bookseller for £28.00 inc p&p so treated myself to an early Christmas present.

I've only scanned through it as yet but the Holiday period should provide ample opportunity for a proper read, could this foreshadow a return to some serious ancients painting & gaming next year?

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  1. HGA:

    Very nice command stand. The Americas certainly continued the Napoleonic tradition of colorful uniforms. Wow - that Seleucid book is a rarity - great to hear acquiring it. Thanks for posting the schematic of the battle line. Happy Holidays, Dean