Monday, 10 December 2012

Patriot Light Bobs.

Despite needing to finish more Spanish troops for the South American project I found myself distracted away again. As much as they look great those Spanish uniforms with their differently coloured lapels, turn backs & collars are fiddly to paint; its really difficult to establish any sort of rhythm with them. This was the main reason why the project stalled earlier this year.
So to give my poor blasted brain a short reprieve I swapped to painting some much needed light infantry for their opponents:

Peruvian Light Infantry.

Venezuelan Rifles.
The Venezuelan rifles are plastic Perry miniatures which translate perfectly into the South American theatre, the Peruvians are the usual mix of Victrix British & French plastics.

Hopefully will be back in the painting groove tomorrow, still recovering from a weekend of debauchery. I'm too old & really should know better by this time of life.


  1. Very cool conversions as always, HGA. Have seen the shakos that come with the Perry British Hussars? Some of them have an odd design, and wonder if they would work for your project. Happy Holidays, Dean

  2. Many thanks Dean. I've actually found the bell topped shakos in the French hussar set more useful, those South Americans had a real thing about French headgear & there just aren't enough heads in the victrix French infantry boxes to go round. Seasons best to you & yours, HGA.