Sunday, 22 May 2016

Cheshire Yeomanry. British Cavalry for Syria.

Indulged myself with a rare painting session last night & finished off some more figures for Chain of Command, these will be used as markers for the Patrol Phase:

These come courtesy of Perry Miniatures & they are very nice, particularly keen on the horses, the anatomy is spot on. Depending on work commitments the next post may actually feature a war-game!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Morris 15cwt with Porteed Bofors.

The last vehicle for my Chain of Command platoon is now complete, its been a marathon build even by my slow standards but I'm fairly pleased with the result:

God knows what the health & safety executive would have to say about lying on a gun trail with the breach recoiling past your shoulder.
Its been an interesting project not least because of trying out a few new weathering techniques. This explains in part the extended nature of the build, I'd forgotten how long you have to leave spirit based paints to dry between coats.