Thursday, 29 November 2012

Liberators! Royalist Artillery etc.

Very steady progress is still being made in preparation for Boxing Days South American Wars of Liberation (henceforth known as SAWLs) game. Most recently off the production line is a Spanish artillery piece:

These fine chaps are an even bigger hash up than usual being a mixture of Victrix French heads & bodies and British artillery arms & 5 1/2" howitzer. What information I can glean on Spanish artillery in  theatre indicates they should have jackets not French style tunics, but until something suitable comes out in plastic they will have to serve.
In addition I've been bringing some of the other Royalist Battalions up to strength, first up a light company for Cantabria Regiment:

and a partly complete command group for Aragon Regt. :

Don't ask why I decided to add a pelisse to the one fella, perhaps he's holding it for a friend, maybe he feels the cold or its remotely possible I just may have been slightly pissed during this phase of the project.

Anyway moving swiftly on there's more Aragon Regiment in the pipeline along with another Peruvian Battalion for the Patriots which being frank is all I'm going to be able to squeeze in before Boxing Day. This will give us 5 foot battalions for the Patriots & 4 for the Royalists, 3 variously sized regiments of cavalry per side & one piece of artillery each, not a massive game by any means but playable in a day when taking into account eating & shooting the breeze etc.


  1. Beauties all-around. Love the redoubt and voltigueurs. BTW, my interest in Napleonics has been a bit rekindled due to the pending release of Black Powder's Albion Triumphant supplement. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, we've not tried the Black Powder Napoleonics set the Fire & Fury set has done us proud so far, but never say never eh!

    Best Regards HGA.