Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gran Colombian Artillery.

After a build time extended by both distractions and a certain amount of ennui I have finally finished an artillery piece for the South American Wars of Liberation project. Despite really struggling to finish this I am fairly happy with the result.

This is the last Hurrah from South America for the foreseeable future, to be frank I've just run out of enthusiasm for the project for the time being. I was making reasonable progress until the turn of the year  but the output has just got slower & slower and it has reached a point where I'd rather divert my attentions elsewhere for a bit.
I don't foresee any large scale new projects, more a case of filling in a few gaps in neglected projects and generally running down the unpainted lead drawer to sensible levels again. There are some very nice A&A Parthians lurking in there somewhere which deserve a lick of paint, but they will have to fight it out with the ECW Clubmen who are beginning to look more mutinous with every viewing.


  1. Nice work as usual, HGA. Interesting basing - dare I say, diorama-like. Best, Dean

  2. Yes that is very nice- I hope you'll come back to these, after a break.

    Cheers, Simon

  3. Many thanks both. I shall definitely be re-visiting this period in the not too distant future, but just for the time being I need to paint something other than webbing & braids. This isn't to say I won't be gaming with these miniatures because this is very much the intention. As alluded to in the post a return to Ancients is in the offing if only to buck the trend and continue to support WAB 1st edition which is apparently defunct.
    Regards HGA