Sunday, 6 May 2012

Peruvian Fusileros.

The recent heavy rains in this part of the world exposed a couple of leaks in the roof at HGA Towers so much of today has involved repairing the decrepit lead flashing that was the cause of the fault. I have however completed a base of Peruvian infantry for the Liberators project.

These were built using the redoubtable Victrix French Infantry boxed set, the jackets being lightly converted by carving off the lapels- a fairly straightforward job with a sharp scalpel*.
The finished product as ever is somewhat speculative, although William Millers biography does note the use of "French" shakos. The Osprey book on the subject mentions turkish blue uniforms for the  Peruvian infantry, according to a quick google search turkish blue seems to have been a cheap blue/ grey colour with some red and purple mixed in for good measure. Fortunately another quick search on haberdashery websites rendered up some colour swatches which were of more practical assistance.

* A quick note here on plastics. Despite Victrix and Perry figures both being produced by the same contractor there seems to be some difference in the material. It is noticeable that the plastic used in the Victrix French & Austrian sets carves far easier than the plastic in either of the Perry Hussar boxed sets, the darker grey material used in the latter has a tendency to cut up rough unless an absolutely pristine scalpel blade is used. Has anyone an explanation for this characteristic?

Off now to enjoy some afternoon sunshine before the deluge commences again tomorrow:)


  1. Nice conversion work. I agree about the different types of plastic Perry & Victrix use. The Perry type is more durable IMO - but the Victrix, as you noted, is easier to carve and otherwise modify. Sorry to hear about your roofing woes. Best, Dean

  2. I do like the colour of the uniform. Whether it would have stayed that colour while on campaign is another matter!

  3. Thanks Chaps. The roofing repairs were really no hardship Dean, I like working with my hands and being outside in some rare sunshine was very pleasant. Your sympathies are however appreciated.
    I am in agreement Kingsleypark, after a month in the sun & rain those uniforms would have looked more than a little sad. But while they're under my roof these items will be looked after.
    Regards to you both. HGA.

  4. That is a splendid colour, you have a very unique army, there. Cheers, Simon