Saturday, 12 May 2012

Pike & Shotte 30 Years War Game.

In preparation for Shropshire's smallest wargaming societies upcoming game I thought it only proper to introduce a few of the participants.
Starting with the Handgrenadealien foote contigent:

These regiments normally form part of my ECW Royalist army and the original intention was to badge engineer them, i.e. change the standards into one of the continental contingents of the TYW. But when it came down to it I simply couldn't rob them of the identities some of them have had for 20 + years so instead they will be designated as a fictional Hiberno Cambrian Brigade in one of the Armies of the period. They have been drawn up in a Swedish style brigade which I hope will be valid under the Pike & Shotte rules.
In addition to the foote I will be contributing sixty odd harquebusiers in five regiments. This also reflects the late ECW Royalist bias of the army.
At this juncture it is only seemly that the other participants in the game receive a mention:
Mr. Paul Ireland, the second member of Shropshire's smallest wargames club who will be fielding seven regiments of Swedish/ Protestant German foot & an equivalent number of horse, many of whom are cuirassiers.
Mr. Will Johnson, a guest from my regular boardgaming group and a wargamer of some pedigree.
Mr. Steve Morgan, who will be bringing an undisclosed number of figures but who as the designer of the Pike & Shotte rules will hopefully be bringing a whole lot more to the table.
We are hoping to use a 10' or 12' by 4' table for the game but this is down to how yours truly copes with producing the goods between now and next weekend; wish me luck.

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  1. Great looking units, HGA. Best wishes on your game; I'm sure it'll be fun. Best, Dean