Sunday, 13 May 2012

Pike & Shotte Horse.

Here are the contingent of cavalry I'm taking along to next weeks game. They are mostly Redoubt or Foundry miniatures, some of the latter being exceedingly venerable ( circa. 1989).

There are also a couple of small artillery pieces present just for the sake of form; I wouldn't say I'm prejudiced against big guns in this period but I'm yet to be convinced that large numbers of them were present on the batttlefields of the mid 17th century or if they were of their effectiveness.


  1. HGA:

    Be sure to post some photos of the game. Interested to see how they look on the battlefield. Best, Dean

  2. Have no fear on that score Dean, pictures will appear in due course along with some thoughts on the Pike & Shotte rules.
    Regards HGA.