Saturday, 30 June 2012

Normal Service Resumed.

After a brief sabbatical from painting miniatures due to other creative commitments ( see for details) and a general lack of enthusiasm I've taken up the brushes again to press forward on the Parthian Army I started last year.
Pictured below is the commander for a third unit of cataphracts:

He is an A&A miniature from their Parthian / Sassanid range and most excellent he is too. Its good to be back on the lead painting wagon again; much as I enjoyed painting the South American plastics there is something even more satisfying about a lead miniature, its that indefinable way they take the paint and the sheer Newtonian mass of all that metal.
Its good to be back!


  1. Wow! I like him. I quickly noted the Parthian/Sassanid look of the rider, but the horse blanket caught me off guard. Very cool! Wow - these guys would look fantastic opposing my EIRs. I may have to think this one through! Best, Dean

    1. It would certainly be an interesting re-fight Dean, though the rules in WAB 1st aren't kind to cataphract armies. We let them use the massed cavalry rules from the Alexander book, then they become a veritable phalanx on horseback.
      Regards HGA.

  2. Me likee! Colours are great!