Wednesday, 2 May 2012

And About Bloody Time too. Husares de Junin Fin

The titular remonstrance was often spoken by my Father during my feckless youth & it seems apt to re-visit it here given that this unit has taken me 6 weeks plus to finish. In my defence your Honours other distractions have taken up some of this time, but even so.

Here they are though complete with Colonel William Miller & his fictional moustache.

Hopefully I will retain the enthusiasm to see the rest of the Peruvian Legion through, but the offer of a Thirty Years War game on the horizon might jeopardize things somewhat.


  1. Stunning work; it is really interesting to see them armed with lances. Dean

  2. Excellent work! A dashing bunch if ever I saw one.

    Quite a moustache, too!

  3. Thanks Fellas, previously it was thought the Charge of the Light Brigade was the first appearance in warfare of the whisker/lance combination. Another South American 1st I think.
    Regards HGA.