Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gran Colombian/Venezuelan Santandar Regiment.

In between knocking up a couple of terrain boards for the upcoming Pike & shotte game I finally got round to finishing the Fusileros & Command for the Patriot Santandar Regiment. Here they are in their fancy red duds.

Sadly they won't be receiving flank companies anytime soon as I've run out of Victrix Austrians to convert them from, as it is the command are Victrix French. The Victrix figures, as previously noted are top drawer but whereas every other sprue in the French box contains officers there are only two dedicated command sprues in the Austrian box. No doubt there are sound economic/ production reasons for this but it does seem a bit tight-arsed to me. Anyhow financial considerations preclude purchase of a further box so onward with more Peruvians next courtesy of the generous Victrix French boxes.


  1. Nice looking unit, HGA. Too bad about the lack of officers in the Austrian set, but do like more line troopies usually. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, I can see your point. If anything Victrix may have gone a bit mad with the number of command figures in the French Infantry box, but its still a shame the pendulum swung so far back the other way.