Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Barracks for the Liberators! Armies.

With the leap forward this week into British Summer Time my evenings have been spent outdoors rather than slaving over the workbench of doom. Besides which this recent burst of good weather may be the only summer we get this year, so best enjoy it while its here.
Consequently I've been outside the Shed of Despair knocking together some shelving for the South Americans & their Spanish opponents.

The unit has 'barracks' has been built out of planked sycamore* bought off a neighbour then planed and jointed by me. After a couple of weeks letting the timber acclimatize to the room I'll add a back board to hide the non period wall paper and a door to keep the dust out but it will do for now to keep things tidy.

* Sycamore because its a sterile wood so doesn't give off any natural acetates that affect paint  & glue, it used to be used for lining drawers because it didn't tarnish silver cutlery.

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