Saturday, 17 March 2012

Liberators! More New Stuff.

Pictured below are some recently finished miniatures, still fresh from the Workbench of Doom. Firstly I've completed and based the Peruvian Legion Light Company:

As I've mentioned previously there is a small amount of imagination involved in their appearance, but having re-read the relevant chapters of William Miller's biography earlier this week I feel a bit more confident given his description of various Napoleonic 'army surplus' being used by the Peruvian military.

Next up is a Royalist Commander for the Dragoons de Peru, apparently a man of taste and breeding having disdained to wear the gaudy pelisse and brass helmet in favour of a more suitable bicorne:

Finally the first Peruvian Hussar de Junin, Colonel William Miller. Here I feel on safer ground as Miller himself reports that the Peruvian Hussars wore uniforms very like those of their British contemporaries. To this end I have used the Perry Miniatures British Hussars plastic boxed set officer to represent him although he may not have sported the Errol Flynn moustache depicted.


  1. Beauties! Love the mounted guys. Best, Dean

  2. Many thanks Gents, really appreciate the encouragement.
    Regards HGA