Friday, 2 March 2012

Liberators! Franscisco Aramendi.

A bold statement perhaps and not particularly elucidating :) Franscisco Aramendi being the Colonel of the Loyalist Sacred Squadron, an elite Venezuelan unit formed from a cadre of the earlier English raised Red Hussars and various native 'Reformadoes'.

He will, once based have the distinction of leading my Patriot cavalry brigade. The figure is from the ever useful Perry Miniatures plastic French Hussars boxed set but with his right arm re-positioned into a more commanding pose. The grey horse is an apparent feature of the Sacred Squadron and a bit of a departure for me. I'm afraid I hold a grudge against greys having twice been painfully ridden over by them, once during a ECW re-enactment and once by a run-away who despite having 20 acres to choose from happened to pick the square yard I was standing in;  because of these incidents I'd rather not have to glorify them with the paintbrush if I can help it.


  1. Tht's a great piece! I think you should paint more greys...

  2. Stunning work! Beautiful painting all around. Dean