Monday, 12 March 2012

Just got back from WMMS 2012.

Our local ish wargaming and modelling show 3/4 hour away down the motorway from HGA Towers. Managed to find enough things there to engage my interest for a couple of hours but came away feeling slightly underwhelmed by the experience. Not that it was in any way a bad show, its a nice venue and there were plenty of Traders and a good cross section of demo-games on display; its just that nothing really grabbed by the balls (so to speak). This I think may be indicative of a couple of things:
1. Over exposure to the internet. It used to be years ago that the only place to see new products was at shows ( or in your local games shop if you were lucky enough to have one), nowadays good quality pictures of new stuff is the click of a mouse away so all the ball grabbing is done virtually. This might equally apply to a number of things, but I digress.
2. Salute. One of the UK's bigger shows takes place in under a month and a lot of companies seem to co-incide all their new releases with this event, which makes a lot of sense for all concerned but its a bit of a pooh for those of us who can't get there.
These points aside hats off to the organisers who again managed to put on a good, friendly show in a civilized venue that succeeds year on year in pulling in a good crowd.
On another plus I managed to bag a box of Victrix Foot Artillery & a box of Perry British Hussars for £30 quid all in, this will in all likelyhood be the last purchase required to finish the Liberators! project for the time being.

I even managed to get some more painting done, inspired in no small measure by the two light bobs on the show brochure, but you'll have to check out the next post for those 'cos I'm of to enjoy some early spring sunshine.
N.B. please note this post is now 24hrs out of date because I neglected to post it yesterday. You may also want to have a look on TMP where some nice show pictures have started to appear.

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