Sunday, 15 April 2012

And Now For Something Compleatly Different....

It finally happened, I managed to completely blow a fuse painting fiddly braid & equipment straps. So for the sake of my sanity and eyesight I've temporarily shelved the South American project in order to have a change of pace. In fairness I did manage to stick at it for seven months which is fairly good for someone with a flypaper mind.
For the last few weeks I've been indulging in more RPG based gaming which has been a pleasant change but I've also managed to finish off a couple of other projects that have been lurking in the background, including this little English Civil War vignette using Warlord Games storming party:

It's loosely based on the lifting of the siege of Ercall House by Sir William Vaughan ( the diabolical Devil of Shrawardine) in 1645. An interesting fellow Sir William, he started his military career serving under Mansfeld in the 30 years war then in Ireland in the early 1640's before returning to England to fight for the King in the ECW from 1643 to 1646. It was during this period operating in the Welsh Marches that he earned his sobriquet.
He subsequently returned to Ireland where he died leading a cavalry charge at the Battle of Rathmines in 1649 aged 64. I'm sure he was a rum character but it would seem he was at least persistent.


  1. Very nice diorama, HGA. Another interesting period I've yet to get into. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, its not the most interesting period to game but I do get to cross one of the minor battlefields on my way to work everyday, so its a visceral thing.
    Regards HGA.

  3. Great little diorama. Although it looks like the guy in the center middle looks like he should be holding something, have you considered a flag? could look great streaming in the wind!

    1. Evening Samulus, thanks for the comment. The chap in the middle is in the process of throwing a grenadoe , but its not that apparent. From a composition point of view you may well be right.
      Regards HGA.