Monday, 12 March 2012

Peruvian Legion Light Bobs.

Inspired somewhat by the imagery featured in the last post I got round to putting together a couple of light infantry of the Peruvian Legion. They're based on a description by William Miller, a British officer who served with the Peruvian Army during the Wars of Liberation who attributes them with a French style uniform and caps similar to the Rifles ( presumably he means the 95th Regiment), I have taken a slight leap of faith in assuming he mean't the shako and not the 'bobble hat' fatigue cap. Any way they have been constructed from Victrix French Infantry bodies & arms and Perry French Hussars heads- the ones with the cylindrical shako. They're probably not spot on but close enough I hope to make a decent impression.


  1. Looking good! Love the hussar shakos.


  2. Thanks Simon, I've a long way to go to match your own Spanish Ulcer.
    Regards HGA