Thursday, 22 March 2012

Liberators! Hussar de Junin.

Output has been a bit slow this week, but I've finally managed to finish the first of the Peruvian Hussars de Junin for my South American War of Independence project.

The man himself is a straight from the box Perry British Hussar painted in accordance with the details shown in the Osprey title covering this period. The plate shows the hussar in question holding a lance with the pennant depicted above, but its unclear whether this is intended to be a guidon or whether the Hussars de Junin were in fact lance armed. An albeit quick look through William Miller's biography has failed to clear up this point so for the time being I'm going with the flow and creating a lance armed unit  just to try something a little different. This may lead to some extra work in finding suitable arms to hold a 'couched' lance but it may be worth it in the end to give the figures some variety.
I think I've enjoyed painting this figure but he does seem to have taken quite a while; this may be down to the fact there's a bit more detail compared to the French Hussars that my previous cavalry have been based upon or it may be down to getting used to painting a new figure. I suppose only time will tell.