Saturday, 24 December 2011

Peruvian Legion Grenadiers.

Oh the opportunities that time off work presents: I was spending a little well earned downtime yesterday evening re-visiting Osprey Publishing's title on the Armies of Bolivar and San Martin and stumbled upon a plate with the titular unit featured. Now how I missed this before is anyones guess but in the caption is a description alluding to the fact their appearance was very similar to Napoleons Imperial Guard. So now thanks to the bearskin grenadier heads in the Victrix french plastic set I now have the nucleus of a Peruvian division to add to the Venezuelan Patriots already completed.
Here is the first stand below:

The time off has also allowed me to finish off enough units to stage a small game, scheduled for Wednesday next. Pictures and battle report to follow.
Well thats the last post before the madness of Christmas descends on HGA towers, I'm off to down a few glasses of good single malt and sleep the sleep of the righteous. Joyeuse Noel & Wassail to One and All.


  1. Very nice: Grognards, but with a twist. Have a great Xmas! Simon

  2. Thanks for sharing throughout the year.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and safe new year.

  3. Nice looking grenadiers! That Victrix French Infantry set is really a gem for conversion work. I hope to get a box for some Italians & Neuchatel Battalion. Merry Christmas! Dean