Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Liberators! Slightly Generic Patriot General.

Based on the mounted Colonel from the Victrix Miniatures Austrian Infantry boxed set, I've used the covered bicorne head from the same company's french infantry box and applied a suitable paint job.

He may not be bang on the money, but for the few pence he cost near enough I hope. The slightly allegorical theme to the base is a bit of a departure from the norm, forced upon me by by being unable to separate the horses base from the rectangle of plastic card I used to hold him whilst painting. So in order to tie in the resulting plinth effect to the rest of the base I've added a few fallen stones and some fresh greenery. I may yet add a stand of arms and a captured standard to enhance the effect.
The only real downer to the whole thing is the horse; the body and head are fine, but that neck is way too long.


  1. Looks very good- but I also thought that about the horse, before reading your comments! Slightly giraffe-like. I like the General's gesture.

  2. He looks good to me too. I like the plain uniform he's wearing. Could be a British officer too. BTW, very interesting flora on the base. Best, Dean

  3. Many thanks Gentlemen. The flora on the base is some old brass etch I had lying about but I can't remember its provenance.
    Regards HGA