Monday, 2 January 2012

The Obligatory Yearly Review.

Yes I know not terribly original but the intellect is at a low ebb after a few days of alcohol abuse traditional at this time of year. I'm also experiencing a touch of ennui with all things wargaming at the moment so the painting output has dropped away to nothing this week.
The planned game of Liberators! went reasonably well despite having to postpone for half a day due to work commitments, the Fire and Fury variant gave an entertaining game despite the small size of the forces engaged. More to follow on this later in the week when I have some pictures to post.
On the whole 2011 was a bit slow on the wargaming front, my regular opponent Mr. Ireland and I only managed two games in the calender year the Liberators game noted above and our Panion re-fight earlier in the year, both games however were very enjoyable particularly the Panion game with all its attendant terrain building.
Other than that my gaming was limited to a few boardgaming sessions, which again were good but too few and far between.
Painting output was fairly steady throughout the year; quite a bit of Hellenistic stuff got painted earlier in the year in particular an Antigonid Army for Sellasia and a good dose of Seleucid cataphracts and auxilliary types for Panion.
The other big ancients project was a Parthian army that still remains to be finished but that will have to wait until I reach a point with the Liberators where I have enough figures painted to put together a couple of divisions for both Royalists and Patriots.

Looking ahead it would be nice in 2012 to get more figures to the table. Certainly there are still Hellenistic battles worth doing, Sellasia being foremost after that Mantineia 207BC and both achievable with the figures at my disposal.
More Fire and Fury games would be desirable too, in either AWI or South American guises it wouldn't matter, they are a nice elegant system.
Time as ever is my enemy, work commitments remain heavy and much that I would wish it otherwise needs must. Gaming must continue to take a poor second until such time as I achieve by some as yet undiscovered means a way to become a man of independent income.
Anyway a Happy New Year to you all and many thanks for the encouragements you have been kind enough to bestow throughout the year.
Regards HGA.


  1. Happy New Year!
    looking forward to watching the progress over the coming months!

  2. A Happy New Year to you, have a great 2012!!

  3. Many Thanks Chaps. First new project on its way soon.