Sunday, 11 December 2011

Burgos Regiment Cazadores.

Just a quick post today before heading off for a pub lunch. I was going to do some work on the vegetable garden this afternoon but its raining fit to float the Ark and a lengthy luncheon seems a better bet.
I wasn't going to bother doing any light companies for the Royalist army, theres a little mechanic in Fire & Fury Liberators that abstracts light infantry combat into the overall firing resolution. However I had loads of spare heads left over from the Perry Miniatures French Hussar sprues that were almost identical to light infantry shakos and nothing better to do on a Saturday night so voila!


  1. Really look great well done!
    That long Sunday lunch sounds the business !!

  2. HGA: Fine work on these; love to see you putting Victrix to such varied and good use. Best, Dean

  3. Aahh! That lengthy lunch seems a distant memory now, buts who's to say with a weekend looming it won't happen again. Regardless many thanks all for your kind comments.
    Regards HGA.