Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fernando VII Husares. Fin.

Hussar! Finished the first unit of Royalist Cavalry for the Liberators project. Actually there's still the sabretache and sabre scabbard mouldings still to add, but artificial lighting isn't the best for painting in royal monograms & wreaths on sabretache(s) at 28mm scale.

Credit where its due these Perry figures really are excellent and I'm tempted to go a bit mad and buy a few more, but staying within broadly historical bounds there just weren't that many regular cavalry available to either side involved in this theatre of war.
I do wonder what the locally available horseflesh was like in South America. I imagine that the temperate grasslands of Argentina would be suitable conditions for breeding good quality horses but the extremes of environment prevalent in other parts of the South American would be less conducive to their long term well being. Certainly the mountainous terrain in which the armies operated in the Peruvian & Chilean campaigns would have limited the usefulness of the mounted arm which may also have had a bearing on the low numbers employed.


  1. Really lovely painting! I love the basing, too.


  2. They look great, HGA. Nice to see these fine figures clothed less common colors. Best, dean

  3. Thank you All, its nice to see the winter collection being so well received.

  4. Excellent work.

  5. Many Thanks Daniel, Welcome aboard.
    Best regards HGA