Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tabletop World Graveyard. A dangerous distraction.

After a wait of two weeks a package of resin goodies arrived from the depths of Croatia.

Overall this piece of Ruritanian real estate measures 12 1/2 x 11 inches and consists of the single piece base, a mausoleum, a three part dead tree, 30 odd gravestones, crows, mushrooms, gravediggers tools and gates and railings for the walls. All virtually flash free and zero mould lines, even on the very fine ironwork castings. There isn't a single air bubble anywhere on the castings and even the cast on hooks for the gates to hang from are perfect.
It wasn't cheap at around £100 but the sheer amount of detail on the piece is unbelievable, much better than my paltry photographic skills can capture and if painting it is anywhere near as enjoyable as The Guard Tower ( see much earlier posts) worth every penny.
The only danger is it could distract me away from painting South American stuff, but with the holiday season fast approaching it could prove a welcome diversion from all that festive cheer.

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