Sunday, 1 May 2011

A veritable wall of bronze.

Some photos of my new hoplites:

I'm fairly happy with the results, to the extent of considering buying another box from Immortal but there are other projects to be completed first, not least my 1st corps Hetairoi.
The hoplons were decorated with a mix of the water slide transfers out of the box and my own efforts at replicating the AX monogram found on Achean league coins.


  1. They look really nice. When I was a kid, I had to convert Airfix Romans to make hoplites; now they're so many choices! I like the looks of Immortal, but I have to replace their shields to match the ones I have for the OG & 1st Corps guy I already have. I'm sure the Immortal ones are more historically correct in size though. Regards, Dean

  2. They look great. I already have too many hoplites, but if I were starting them now I'd go with the Immortal miniatures after seeing them like this.


  3. Great work, when painting mine I made a mistake of using all the water transfers and having a diff. colour shield for each city state so I ended up having a phalanx that looked like a rainbow or a bag of skittles:/