Thursday, 5 May 2011

Eliminating the Backlog.

Finally got started in earnest on painting the February & March purchases and thats me done on Hellenistic stuff for the time being. I am almost tempted to buy and paint a unit of Aventine phalangites just for the hell of it but I am not convinced that they will match up size wise with all my Polemarch & Foundry chaps.
It does put me in somewhat of a quandry though, I've been collecting and painting Macedonian & Hellenistic stuff on and off for about 12 years but I need a new project to get stuck into. The choices I have come up with so far are
1. A Palmyran army, nice figures available through A&A and the (somewhat questionable) option of camel cataphracts, but a bit late historically and limited opponents.
2. Something more barbaric, Galatians or Thracians possibly. Lots of figures required & fiddly patterns, though would make good allied contingents for Hellenistic stuff.
3. Han chinese. Hmm

Any further suggestions gratefully recieved, but absolutely no Romans. I've painted two Roman armies in the last twenty years and sold both of them in short order, there must be something buried deep in my Welsh ancestry that won't abide them.

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  1. Those are all coming along very nicely. Love your color schemes on both the cav and infantry. Keep up the great work. Regards, Dean