Monday, 30 May 2011

And then there were three.

More progress on the parthian cataphracts:

Really enjoying painting these, they're quite quick and easy because of all the metalwork and leatherwear.
I've been giving some thought on how the army will be used on the tabletop too. Using WAB 1.5 and the Cataphract army list in Armies of Antiquity, cataphracts get a rank bonus of up to +3 for ranks behind the first so I'm favouring a formation 6 wide and 3 or 4 deep and probably 3 units in total, this with General and Army standard bearer works out at 1785 points.
To work with this equine phalanx I'll probably go with four units of 9 horse archers and two units of 9 javelin armed light cavalry to give a further 1260 points. All told a total of 3045 points.
I'm thinking a good wide gaming table might favour this army so next project will be a couple more modular boards to boost the available space to 10' x 4'. Don't want all those lovely lights getting claustrophobic.


  1. All very nicely painted and posed; I particularly like the third guy - with the lance (kontos?). Regards, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, I have to keep reminding myself they are not Kontosophoroi. Too many years of philhellenism I think.
    Great work on your Magnesia demo by the way, have you any intention of posting army lists?

  3. Top finish on your cataphracts, bring on the completed unit ASAP.