Sunday, 22 May 2011

Seleucid Heavies.

Pictured above the now completed Hetairoi in wedge and shown below with their heavier brethren the Agema.

All the above are 1st Corps miniatures which have turned out alright despite being really fiddly to paint. They're a little on the small side compared to the Foundry miniatures that make up the bulk of my Hellenistic cavalry and the horses aren't quite there anatomically, but all that armour does conceal most of the concerns with the horses. It will be interesting to see how they match up with the A&A Parthians that are currently en route, comparison pictures to follow.
N.B. For the Hetairoi xystons I used left over spears from the Immortal Hoplite set with the moulded on arms removed. With hindsight I could have removed the hands of the metal miniatures, drilled and pinned the arm and then attached the spears via the moulded hand; but it was a bit late before I hit upon the idea and besides the cyanoacrylate seems to have formed an adequate bond.


  1. Beautiful work - love the colors. Seems 1st Corps has the monopoly on these cav types - a lot of folks use them (including myself). Regards, Dean

  2. Many thanks Dean. 1st Corps do seem to be the 'go to' guys for Successor cavalry. I did look at Gripping Beast's range as well but frankly was unimpressed with the photos on the website, they could at least have made the effort to get some painted figures displayed. 1st Corps website by contrast is a veritable feast for the eyes which is what swung it for me.
    Best Regards John.