Sunday, 8 May 2011


Going great guns on the painting front this weekend, this is the plus side of only working six days a week instead of the seven which have been the norm for the last 3 months. Enough of the joys of being self employed- hers some pictures:

Miniatures by 1st Corps, paints by Vallejo & scenic stuff by Antenocittis Workshop who I have the great good fortune to live near.
The portrait on the standard could be Antiochus Megas or equally any of his antecedents; they all seemed to have the same inflated opinion of themselves. Its just as well Belinda Carlisle wasn't around back then " Circle in the saaand...".
The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed the lack of armament, its just that I haven't yet decided whether to use the supplied spears or to replace them with longer Northstar items.


  1. Nice figures & basing; only 6 in the wedge? Or will you add a separate extension for another rear rank? Regards, Dean

  2. The rear rank of four are on the way, as is a larger movement tray to accommodate them. The current one is from the old days before I discovered how rubbish 6 man wedges actually are. Again many thanks.