Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Un-Pronouncables.

A few shots of my thorakites & thureophoroi below:

The thorakites are Polemarch & the thureophoroi are Crusader miniatures with a few later thracians by the same company thrown in for a little variety.
Excellent for protecting the flanks of the la-di-da phalanx or on their own as the basis of a later Achean League army where they will soon be joined by the work in progress hoplites.


  1. The guys in the white helmets really stand out - well done to you for making that look good. I've never had the courage to try this myself, but seeing yours makes it look viable.


  2. These were done with a very light grey basecoat and then lightly stippled with white. Better still apply this finish over a bronze base and leave a few areas where the metal would show through due to wear and tear. The officer figure in the last picture demonstrates this quite well.
    Many Thanks. HGA

  3. Nice work on these Crusader models. They look very realistic in their muted colors. An imposing group. Regards, Dean