Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Midweek Plastic Hoplites.

I recently swapped a few Foundry Companions for a box of Immortal Miniatures plastic hoplites. Now I must admit to been a little skeptical about plastic figures up to now but I think these may finally sway me.

The level of detail is good with no areas of fudging in the undercuts that you occasionally get with plastics and the anatomy is about right in that they match up fairly closely in size and build to my existing metals. There are plenty of head variants in the pack as well with both earlier corinthian style helmets & later thracian styles to allow a wide time period to be covered.


  1. They do look good. Seeing these two; particularly the one with the sword, makes me consider them for beefing up a Foundry Hypaspists unit. Regards, Dean

  2. Hi Dean, I'll whip up a comparison shot this evening for your delectation, but other than the greaves (which could be filed down) they would do just fine as hypaspists.