Sunday, 3 April 2011

Some Older Stuff.

Because of recent work pressures there has been a necessarily low output of new and shiny things from the sinister lair of Handgrenadealien. Fortunately some rare foresight resulted in photos being taken of some earlier projects for use in just these circumstances.

Depicted above are a couple of shots of the Old Skool dungeon scenery pieces I manufactured last year to complement a D&D game I had planned.
The masters were built up using hand etched foam board, moulds created from silicon rubber and the castings produced using Herculite II dental plaster. All in all a very enjoyable project designed to complement the old 'Torchlight' resin pieces I had collected as a teenage roleplayer  and which I always found to be more useful than the more recent offerings from Dwarven Forge. There is no doubt that the Dwarven Forge stuff is well produced and very robust, but the height of the walls makes moving miniatures more than a little awkward and the chunky style of the stonework seems better suited to dismal highland crofts rather than bespoke ancient tombs.
I did try to sell these pieces on Ebay with absolutely no success ( I suspect that the RPG scenery market is a little limited) but if anyone is interested I can supply various pieces at low cost.
An older GW miniature from their Dogs of War range whose name escapes me at present, but rather photogenic despite that.
Finally to bring things back on topic a Vendel miniatures chariot with added sharp bits which partners the recently posted 1st Corps scythed chariot in my Seleucid Army.


  1. Oh, just caught this one - love that Vendel model. Horses look menacing, and the driver is first-rate. Dean

  2. Its a great model and has undone me many times in other peoples hands, sadly it bites the hand that feeds and has been the instrument of demise for my phalanxes too many times. Now if I were to add some nice prussian blue reins perhaps the pendulum would swing back my way.

  3. Your Vendel chariot came out a lot better than mine! Looks great.