Friday, 8 April 2011

Some New Stuff.

Finally started the 1st Corps Hetairoi purchased at Alumwell last month.

Still not based unfortunately but as soon as work pressures allow a trip to Antenocitti's Workshop will cure that little problem.
Still not 100% convinced by the 1st Corps sculpts; the riders are fine but the horses are still not quite spot on to my eye, although the barding does help somewhat. I have considered buying a unit of the equivalent Polemarch figures as an alternative but the detail of the sculpts seems a little 'fuzzy'. I have quite a number of their phalangites and they really suffer from this problem. I do wonder if it is down to the moulds wearing out because the figures I bought direct from Gripping Beast late last year are definitely poorer castings than an Ebay purchase of an earlier batch of the same figures.
Its a minor gripe I suppose, but when you part with your hard earned cash some basic quality control is not really too much to ask is it ? Is it beyond the wit of mankind to come up with a suitable silicon rubber that can cope with modern low melt alloys ? If we can put a man on the moon etc, etc.........

On a more scholarly note; with regard to the face masks on later Successor helmets, why are they depicted with bearded faces when the fashion would seem to have been for a clean shaven appearance.
Is it possible that other versions existed other than those depicted in the Pergamene balustrade reliefs et al ?


  1. Very nice. I like the color scheme of yellow & purple. As far as the face masks with beards - maybe just artistic license by the armorers? Regards, Dean

  2. The saffron and purple is quite a common thread through the companions from Alexander onwards. I do wonder if the beard motif is modelled on other smiths who may have grown beards to cover facial scarring caused by sparks much like later pioneers grew them to cover powder burns. Just a theory!

  3. Great blog!! The ecw army is very impressive, as it your painting.
    PS; Is there such a thing as an Unhealthy obsession for red wine :-D

  4. Many thanks Paul, you are of course correct there is no such thing as an unhealthy obsession for red wine. Its just all the Manhattan chasers that cause the trouble.

  5. Great model, I think bearded masks is what makes them awesome, maybe its a bit an ilussion that an old, grizzled veteran of many battles hides behind the mask? In any case it makes them appear less human and much more scary :D

    Do these match Immortal Minitures in scale or more towards Zvezda/Hat 1/72? Thanks