Thursday, 14 April 2011

Immortal & Foundry Comparison Shots.

A little public information content depicted below. A few comparison shots of an Immortal miniatures Hoplite & a Foundry Hypaspist prompted by Mr. Dean M's comment on my last post:

Certainly height and build wise they match up well enough, this surprised me a little as I had a strange preconception that the Immortal figure would appear a little on the 'willowy' side. The glaring discrepancy is in the sizes of their respective hoplons, in fact the Foundry figure seems to be carrying some strange hoplon/aspis hybrid. Rambling & unnecesary commentary over, hope the above prove useful.


  1. a very bad hoplon that one on the left..

  2. Thanks a lot for this post - very informative. The two figures are very compatible. I agree that only the shields make them identifiably different. I replaced my Foundry ones with mostly Aventine ones - which are slightly bigger. I wish Immortal didn't mold the arm along with the shield (although OG also does this). I suppose being plastic, it wouldn't be too hard to carve them off if needed. Regards, Dean

  3. If you were going to use immortal shields to replace foundry items I think the easiest way to proceed would be to cut of the foundry figures left arm at the elbow, carve out the upper arm moulded within the immortal shield and then effect a joint on the bronze strap of the shield. I am going to follow this route myself to update my foundry hypaspists so a few action shots will be posted soon.