Monday, 3 January 2011

A Rare String of Victories.

Dipped a toe in the water with a new period on new years eve. Even after 25 years of wargaming there are still things I haven't tried, the above mentioned period being one of them. Played on away territory at the premises of my usual opponent Mr. Paul Ireland using his figures and refought with an adaptation of Fire & Fury it resulted in a decisive win for the visiting team. Mr. Ireland was kind enough to take pictures of this momentous event and providing he doesn't doctor the evidence too much I will post them here with a corresponding report later this week.
This is a rare winning streak for me coming on the back not only of the Raphia win last Monday, but also a rare board game victory on Thursday evening. I don't get along to my local board game club as much as I would like but a result like this is a definite spur. The game in question was 20th Century by Czech Games Editions and no doubt was a fluke on my part as I don't have a very good success rate, despite having board gamed for the last five years you could count the victories on the fingers of one hand.
Despite all this unaccustomed success I'm still enjoying both hobbies and look forward to 2011 with my usual enthusiasm, as someone said to me recently " this isn't a rehearsal, this is the big gig". Best wishes all.

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