Thursday, 20 January 2011


Given the straightened economic times we find ourselves in I had ( note past tense) made a conscious decision to justify every figure purchase made this year. In pursuit of this ideal I sat down the other night and listed all my current successor wants with a rating of 1-10, one being absolutely not, ten being a clear yes. Now near the top of the list were 1st Corps Seleucid cataphracts, Aventine Tarentines ( for conversion to generic light cavalry with the addition of some spare thureos lying in the spares box) and several packs of Copplestone Somalis for use as arab irregulars.
Right at the bottom with nil point were phalangites. What did I buy 5 minutes ago on Ebay, phalangites; and not even Seleucid phalangites but bloody Antigonid phalangites, yes phalangites from my least favourite hellenistic army. In defence they were polemarch jobbies and they were only 15 quid for a whole 28, but all the same its another in a long succession of broken resolutions. I blame the internet, in the old days when it was just mail order this situation could not have arisen.

....... postscript. But at least now I have a full syntagma.

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