Saturday, 8 January 2011

Phalangites again.

A quick update from the paint station of doom.
The first twelve of the latest phalanx, this time with that Seleucid staple the anchor as a shield device.
The file leader is a Gripping Beast standard bearer with sarissa for some variety, the aspis leaning against his leg has a strap added using lead foil as has that of his Taxiarch who has the strap bunched up in his right hand.
This is a fringe benefit of drinking better quality wine, just occasionally I can still get hold of a bottle that has genuine lead foil over the cork which in turn keeps me in straps for scratch building. Despite all the improvements in modelling accessories over the years I've yet to find a more versatile and malleable material for making straps and belts than old fashioned plumbum.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog whilst searching for Successor Phalangite. Beautiful work & love your profile photo! Awesome looking armor. Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, Have just had a quick look at your Argyraspids. Nice take on those Squire, the limited palette and silver armour works really well.
    The armour came courtesy of MyArmStreet, a bunch of talented Ukrainian metalworkers. Most of their work is feudal or medieaval but none the worse for that I think.