Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mad Ramblings from the Dark Continent.

A Call of Cthulhu campaign I've been putting together over the last few weeks has reached the point where  clues and documents are being produced as player handouts. Below are a couple of photographs of the core clues in a Victorian botanists field notebook. These will be bulked out with line and colour drawings scanned from old publications and scavenged off the web to add some authenticity.
The body of the notebook above is an old moleskine that I used for scribbling in at work. Three years of riding round in my pocket has given it quite a good patina.
The contents have been written on 50-60 year old paper ( to cut a long story short my parents used to run a shop which previously had been a decorators merchant, the roll of paper was left in the attic and kept in case it came in handy: which it has though perhaps not as originally envisioned.) using an old fountain pen fuelled with a mix of black + sepia inks. The marbled endpaper was downloaded of the web, cut to size and glued in.
I may yet age the edges of the paper further by leaving the notebook outside in a suitably damp shed. This should impart a certain must and mildew to the publication.

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  1. That's really cool. The old paper is an especially nice touch. I wish I'd had some a couple of years back when we made scrolls. We ended up doing the cheesy baking in the oven thing and it turned the paper really brittle.